Thursday, August 24, 2017

Battery Tips for Vapers

Here is how to take good care of your e-cigarette:
Ensuring longer battery life
A couple of factors determine the lifespan of your vape battery. For instance, how far you are going when it comes to draining the battery. The more you drain the battery, the more you are destroying it. You should also consider if you are charging the battery frequently. It won’t last longer if you charge it frequently. How you use your battery will also determine how long your battery is going to survive.
Storing your battery
Batteries are meant to be used and not to be stored. Whether you use your battery or not, it will always wear out. So don’t stock up many batteries. However, vapers always choose to stock up batteries.

Vent hole placement is important
Vent holes are meant to allow gases to get out of the e-cigarette. If the holes close, the gases build up exerting pressure on the part of the device, and this pressure building can be hazardous.
Notably, many e-cigarettes feature many spaces where gases can vent out just the battery vents. Therefore, there is no need to worry. However, before you purchase a vaporizer, consider a unit with holes on top of the battery because batteries vent from top.
Never trust all ohm readers
Vaping on atomizers designed below one ohm is now becoming a norm. There are many vapers who vape even below o.10 ohms. The lower you strive to go, the keener you should become. For instance, 0.09ohms will yield 46 amps from the batteries, 0.07 will yield 60 amps while 0.05 will draw about 70 amps
It is important to not only take care of other parts of the e-cigarette, but also the battery because it is an important component that powers the whole unit.


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