Thursday, June 8, 2017

How E-Cigarettes Are Both Less Harmful And Less-Expensive?

Electronic cigarettes are new invention to lessen the harmful effects of cigarette. These are vaporizers or also called vape which converts the liquid into vapour for the users to inhale.  This vapour contains nicotine which gives the cigarette kick to users. There is no smoke produced from this device. However, the vapour looks like smoke but it is not smoke. Let’s look into some benefits of e-cigarettes in this article.
How Are E-Cigarettes Less Harmful?
Whenever you are smoking the smoke creates lot of harm to your body as well as to other’s present in the same room. The person who is smoking cigarette is called the active smoker whereas the people who are present in the same room with the smoker are called passive smokers. Passive smoking is equally bad and harmful.

Smoke that is produced from the cigarette has got harmful constituents that easily mixes with the air and pollutes the air. Also when a person lights a cigarette lot of heat is created at the end of his mouth which is again very injurious to your body.
To lessen the above harmful effects of cigarettes, e-cigarettes were created which allows a person to take in nicotine but minus the smoke. It turns the liquid containing nicotine into vapour and thus the person who is using it taking in nicotine in the form of vapour.
How are e-cigarettes less expensive?

The liquid which is put in the vaporizer is less exensive than tobacco cigarettes. The starter-kit is expensive but that is a onetime purchase. The starter kit ranges from $40 to $100. As the liquids are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes these can be consumed with less expenses over the time. One milligram of nicotine costs 15.7 cents and you spend only 10 cents for e-cigarettes.

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