Friday, March 17, 2017

Things you need to know about vaping

The vaping has taken up the market and is growing with full speed but many are still clueless about what is vaping. The vaping industry is the fastest growing market and thousands of people are switching to vape everyday. You must have lot of questions on your mind about vape like is it any better than smoking cigarettes or is it any type of electronic cigarettes. Let’s clear all your doubts

What is Vape?

For a lame man’s understanding, Vape is smoking without any tobacco content. It’s an electronic device which has gases to inhale and exhale and is called e-cigarettes. It neither contains tobaccos nor any nicotine thus having its health benefits. These are better that hampering your lungs with a pack of cigarettes. It also smells great.

How it works?

Vape is a vaporizer and contains an e-liquid which has to be inhaled and exhaled. These e-liquid is usually a blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin mixed with flavors to create thus making it delicious.  E-cigarette contains the cartridge containing the e-liquid, atomizer helping in heating the e-liquid with help of battery and mouthpiece for putting it in mouth. When a person puts it in the mouth the e-liquid gets heated and forms vapor. This vapor is further inhaled to give you the feeling of smoking. Later it is same as cigarette smoking. The vapor goes into lungs and again exhaled out. This vapor from e-cigarettes is thicker than smoke from cigarettes and can easily dissolve into thin air.

The vapor industry is catching up with the market with lot of people quitting smoking. It has become a symbol of social status and people are ready to experiment something new. It has come up with lot of flavors satisfying people’s choice. The e-liquid can easily be found in the market and it comes as refillable. As its new to the market some of the effects are yet not know to public but it’s at least better than smoking directly.

The vape is just like any electronic cigarettes helping you quit smoking. You no longer have to be worried about bad breath coming after smoking. It may be expensive when you are buying it but it’s better than buying cigarettes on a long run. There are less chances of having cancer or any other smoking related diseases using these. These e-cigarettes have been proved to be the best substitute to smoking.

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